8 Proven German Shepherd Health Tips

by David
German Shepherd Health

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Hello, welcome to K9 Superheroes. My name is David. And today we’re going to be talking about German Shepherds. We’re going to be covering the 8 Proven German Shepherd Health Tips.

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Giving your German Shepherd a healthy lifestyle can seem complicated, there’s a lot of different information out there. But giving your German Shepherd a great, healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated.

You just need to follow these 8 proven German Sheperd Health tips.

German Shepherd Health Tips


#1 Buy Your German Shepherd From A Professional Breeder

This is an incredibly important factor when it comes to overall German Shepherd health,

It doesn’t matter if you do everything else correctly when it comes to nutrition, training, obedience, love, and care.

If this isn’t done right from the beginning nothing can fix it later on down the line. As we all know, the German Shepherd breed suffers from many known hereditary diseases illnesses, and physical conditions.

This makes it essential that you buy your puppy from a professional German Shepherd dog breeder where they are ensuring that only healthy dogs are being used for parent animals.

‘Backyard Breeders’

It may seem tempting to buy that cute puppy online that you see. And it’s a whole lot cheaper to buy from – what is called – ‘backyard breeders’. And even though they look exactly the same what you see isn’t always what you get at all.

The United States has a huge problem when it comes to Backyard breeders across all breeds.

The main motivation in breeders like this is money with almost no love or care taken for the breed whatsoever.

This results in animals that are extremely prone to illness and disease especially later on in life.

Again, why it might seem a good idea to buy that cheap puppy.

The chances are that you have to pay out later on down the line for large vet bills and other potential surgeries.

Not to mention the emotional cost of having a dog for you and your family which will most likely have a much higher risk of a short life expectancy.

This being said though, buying a German Shepherd puppy from even a professional license breeder is no guarantee that they aren’t going to suffer illnesses down the line.

This is something that no breeder can claim in the world.

However, the odds will be so much higher in health complications from a backyard breeder.

German Shepherd Health Tips

#2 Correct Nutrition is key in German Shepherd Health

Of course, not only German Shepherds require a healthy diet the same as humans.

But you may not know that size and intelligence of GSD’s affect the downsides of feeding low-quality food to your dog to German Shepherd dog breeds.

They need a precise balance of protein, carbs, fiber, and more. Something you won’t find in most grocery store food brands to the honest.

Low-quality foods are usually packed with fillers and artificial ingredients and not the nutrition that your dog needs.

Such a diet like this will leave your dog at high risk for infections, high risk for potential allergies developing, poor coat quality, increase chance of hip dysplasia, and even early death.

Not to mention joint arthritis as they simply do not provide your German Shepherd with enough nutrients.

To find the best dog food for a German Shepherd go online check out some review sites.

Read the ingredients lists on high-quality suppliers.

Look for German Shepherd health forums to see what they’re saying for the best dog food brands that you can find for your sake of the dog.

Most of the protein content should come from meat.

So always check the real meat and or meat meals, chicken meals, turkey meals, lamb meals, etc.

It’s listed among the first ingredients of the list of contents.

You’ll notice that the low-quality foods, mainly list things like grans and fillers and corn and grains and this provides very little nutrition for your dog and should be avoided to make sure that protein in meat is up there most of them anything else.

Also, check out our blog on 11 Proven Tips for your German Shepherds Diet for more information.

When it comes to what food to buy for your German Shepherd, it can be tough to choose.

From talking to literally thousands of German Shepherd owners, there is a real range of different companies who make great food. There are 2 that companies that owners generally seem to be very happy with:

Royal Canin German Shepherd Food for Adults – You can buy this from Amazon here.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Food for Puppies – You can buy this from Amazon here.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus – You can buy this from Amazon here.



#3 Correct Feeding Quantities

Just like humans and an overweight dog is not healthy and not happy.

Weight can significantly increase the chances of arthritis developing early in the joints.

Especially in large dogs like German Shepherd are already at risk due to their size.

By keeping your German Shepherds slim and fit, you’re helping them live a pain-free life to the best possible degree and you can achieve this by feeding the correct amount at each mealtime.

When deciding how much to feed them you have to take into consideration, the dog’s age, weight, and energy levels. Compare this to feeding instructions on the back of the bag or can.

Never go over the suggested quantities, unless instructed by a veterinarian.

So if you notice that your dog seems to gain or lose weight as these are indicators of the feeding amount being incorrect and needing adjustment.

You can solve this problem with high-quality delivery food service.

I know a lot of German Shepherd owners who use MyOllie.com, they use the highest quality food and develop tailored meals for each breed, you give them their size, age, and weight and they will do the rest for you and is delivered straight to your door, click here to get 50% off your first order with them.

# 4 Proper Socialisation

This is an extremely important factor for German Shepherds and needs to be done when they’re young.

This is not something that only affects their health, but also the potential health of your other dogs and other people as well.

A well-adjusted dog is easier to take long for outings and make part of your everyday routine.

This in turn leads to a better life, a healthier life, and a happier life for you, and your dog.

Poorly socialized dogs are more likely to feel stress and anxiety. Which is known to reduce life quality and life length.

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What to do

To socialize a dog, the best thing to do is to bring them out to see the world as much as possible when they’re a puppy.

Start as soon as your pup has all their shots, your veterinarian can help you with this.

By letting your dog meet and play with other dogs, preferably of different sizes and breeds, under owner supervision, and let them explore and learn how to play properly and only interfere if they can see if you perceive that they might be in danger.

Another great simple way to socialize dogs is to take them to a busy street downtown.

Just sit on a bench and watch the world go by, because this teaches you a puppy to be patient and stay calm, even when there are a lot of things going on around them, which is an important factor for the big and strong German Shepherd.

You also want to make sure that you expose your dog to different people so that they learn to trust humans and interact with them in an appropriate manner and not become aggressive.

They may be easy to handle when small,  but as an adult, a German Shepherd needs to be socialized or they become a danger. The two of you are going to have troubles further down the line dealing with other dogs and people and it just makes life so much harder so proper socialization is key.


#5 Mental And Physical Exercise

Now you probably already know that German Shepherds are high-energy dogs.

Meaning that more than just a short walk is needed for their exercise.

If this is all you do or you don’t walk them at all then this is going to be tough for them.

They are large dogs looking to release their energy.

They are going to do it some way.

And that’s going to be done either through barking, chewing house furniture, or your shoes, or running around the house knocking stuff around.

It affects their mood to a degree as well. So they require more than just short walks or no walks at all.

Go out for long walks together

Try something like hiking or if you don’t have something more intense teach them to run alongside you or your bike as well, just make something a little bit more intense and make it a little bit longer than you would with a smaller dog.

Good exercise helps your dog keep a healthy weight.

It also stimulates their brains to make them more content, calm, and relaxed at home.

All of us have experienced some type of lockdown recently, being indoors isn’t fun as we’ve all found out.

Well, that’s the day of your life every day of their life every day.

So you can see it’s not much fun and it can make humans act out, the same thing happens with dogs that need to be outside.

So get out there, get some air together get some exercise together make some fun activities, it’s going to be great.

They love it and it’ll make the relationship a hell of a lot stronger.

Look into mental exercises too, this can also provide your GSD the function to stay mentally healthy and aids in tiring them out more than only a walk can do so.

Give your dog a big bone to chew on indoors or try some doggie brain training.

For durable good quality toys, consider checking out the super popular Super Chewer from Barkbox.

There are a lot of great brain training going around right now some of his been developed by some excellent minds in the industry, such as Adrienne Faracelli, a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer who has developed some excellent training regimes here at BrainTraining4Dogs.com.



#6 Regular Vet Check-Ups maintain German Shepherd Health

This works the same as with humans, the sooner you can pick up an illness, the more likely it can become treatable.

So make a habit of bringing your German Shepherd to the vet at least once a year for check-ups to make sure that everything is in order.

You should also make sure your dog is up to date on their shots.

Possibly consider putting that your four-legged friend through monthly heartworm prevention if your geographical area requires it, the best way to learn how to prevent health issues is by keeping open communication with your veterinarian as much as possible.

During the pandemic, many owners have found it very tough to continue going to the vets. A great alternative is an online vets service where you can video call a qualified vet straight from your home. Check out Vetster who delivers a great online home service, click here for more information.


#7  Bone and Joint Protection

This is a huge factor, many dog owners associate bone and joint disease with senior dogs.

But the truth is that is often genetic and symptoms can start presenting themselves in both younger and older dogs.

German Shepherds are extremely prone to joint problems.

So prevention is crucial when wanting to care properly for your German Shepherd.

Since they are a large breed dog.

They mature more slowly than smaller breeds.

This includes the bones and joints. A young German Shepherd should be kept as much as possible from jumping up and down tall surfaces to avoid causing irreparable damage as their bones are is still soft.

And once they grow older it is a good idea to start supplementing them with something like glucosamine and chondroitin to help improve and maintain bone and joint health. Get them started with the Maximum Joint Protection Supplement for German Shepherds here.
Although we recommend doing that as soon as possible when it comes to German Shepherd health.

German Shepherd Joint Supplement

Niche hacks

A lot of owners are also using laser therapy techniques to treat these problems, ask your vet if they carry out these therapy sessions or you can do your own sessions with the handheld laser therapy kit you can get here from DogMedLaser.com.

Also, look into dog DNA tests to see if your dog could be at risk of hereditary diseases that affect joints and hips so you can get on top of them early, check out EmbarkVet.com for more information.



#8 Keep Developing Your Skills

This is possibly the most important factor when it comes to German Shepherd health.

We see a lot of owners out there, and we see it all the time, owners are GREAT when it comes to giving that dog plenty of love and attention.

But they don’t invest enough time into their own knowledge and skills.

The landscape is forever changing

New tools and new techniques always being used and discovered that will help you become a better owner.

Make sure you get your FREE copy of the ‘The Experts Guide to Avoiding Joint Problems in German Shepherds’ here.

German Shepherd Joint Problems

Make sure that you’re plugged into the forums of the breed there plenty out there as well as channels on different pages like K9 SuperHeroes for example never stop learning there, it can change your dog’s life even one thing that you find out to make a massive difference in their life so keep developing your skills as an owner.

What you think about these 8 Proven German Shepherd Health tips? What do you think are the roadblocks to sticking to giving your German Shepherd a healthy lifestyle?

I’d like to hear from you and know more.

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Thank you for reading.



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