Everything You Need To Know About The Black German Shepherd

by David
Black German Shepherd

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Do you want to know about the Black German Shepherd? Keep reading this article; here, you will know everything about this breed of dogs.

German shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. The Black German Shepherd is quite rare and is among the most expensive dogs in the World. You will be amazed to know that only 6.8% of the German Shepherds are entirely black. This breed has a beautiful and shiny black coat, and often misunderstood as a mixed breed.

Some people also think of them that they are born as a result of wrong breeding. The black German shepherd is not a myth. The beautiful black coat typically is from the dominant genes of the parent’s even black recessive genes.

Origin of Black German Shepherd

This rare black color dog is no different from all other German Shepherds. The Black German Shepherd originated in Germany. This breed results from several herding dogs nominated to produce intelligent, obedient, and admirable working dogs. They all come from the line of Max Von Stephanitz’s German Shepherds. Except for providing bliss to pet owners, this excellent dog is very useful for police and the military.

Official recognition of Black German Shepherd

The Black German Shepherds are rare as far as their skin tone is concerned, but they are physically similar to regular German Shepherds. Unlike the White German Shepherd, the American Kennel Club distinguishes the black fur as a main part of the breed and permits the Black German Shepherd to be a part of competitions.

Causes of Black fur

Because of the recessive genes, two black German Shepherds will produce black puppies. If you breed a black German Shepherd with a tan one, black puppies can still be produced, but the likelihoods are less. Black fur could consider as a defect, but it is not true. Black German Shepherds are exactly like their bi-colored counter-parts in all other ways.

Are the Black German Shepherds a rare breed?

As mentioned above, only 6.8% of Black German Shepherds have entire black fur on their bodies. It means that your dog is unique if it has an entirely black body. They are not only rare, but they are also expensive. If you plan to have a Black German Shepherd, make sure that you are having extra cash because breeders charge more for uncommon colors.


A black German Shepherd has a calm disposition during playtimes. However, they will react accordingly to protect their owner or family if any danger is suspected. This breed of dogs has a fun-loving, friendly, and playful nature, but it depends on the situation.


Owning a dog is not cheap. Breeders will charge higher rates due to the rare and unique color of Black German Shepherds. You might get charged between $750 to $1500. Purchasing a Black German Shepherd is far from cheap.

A Black GSD as a pet

This German Shepherd’s black color makes people believe that it is a dangerous animal to keep as a pet. This breed is not that aggressive as it looks to be. If you are looking for a friendly and lovable dog, then this dog is a good choice. However, it needs a walk as a daily activity which is very important for its health. So when you have a Black German Shepherd as a pet, make sure that you have a good space in your home to keep it and time to play with it as well.

Physical features

They have rich and shiny black fur on their straighter back. This breed of dogs has long, lean bodies with sleek muscles. The nose is black nose, just like their fur. They have almond-shaped deep brown eyes, which makes them look aggressive. They have triangular ears which are upright and alert.

Size of black GSD

Male dogs grow up to 65 and 90 pounds of weight and stand between 24 and 26 inches at the shoulders. In contrast, females grow up to 60 to 75 pounds of weight and 22 to 24 inches at the shoulder.

The lifespan of Black GSDs

A healthy Black German Shepherd can live up to 13 years of age if you maintain a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Dogs are supposed to be the best friends of humans so, if you want your best friend to live a long and healthy life, you must take care of its exercise routine, regular checkups, and proper diet as well.


The temperament of a black German Shepherd is no different from a standard color German Shepherd. They are friendly during playtimes and can be very aggressive if they suspect danger. This breed is protective, friendly, and loyal, which makes them a perfect companion. They require more training to be socialized around people. With the help of training, they can learn to stay calm, balanced, and well-mannered.

Training a Black German Shepherd

German Shepherds respond extremely positive and energetic to reinforcement training. It is one of the best and effective training methods that encourage actions and desired behaviors. This breed of dog is brilliant and keen to please. They quickly pick up instructions with the right training and make an effort to do what the owner asks.

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Just like all other German Shepherds, this black dog also has double coats. The topcoat is straight and tough. It is a weather-proof layer that keeps the moisture off the skin. On the other hand, the undercoat is very soft and acts as an insulation from heat or cold. This super-soft layer is what makes these dogs lovely to scratch and keep them as a pet.

Health issues with black GSDs

The black German Shepherd is a pure-bred dog. Their purity is guaranteed because they suffer from the typical breed-specific health issues that are unavoidable. Here are some of the common health problems that this breed suffer from:

Food for black GSDs 

Nutrition is essential, especially for bigger breeds, because they can be predisposed to bloat. To avoid health risks, you need to feed your dog a proper and healthy meal. Here is a list of food that is good to feed to your GSDs:

  • Cooked chicken.
  • Apples.
  • Carrots.
  • Yogurt.
  • Bananas, and many others.

When it comes to what food to buy for your German Shepherd, it can be tough to choose.

From talking to literally thousands of German Shepherd owners, there is a real range of different companies who make great food. There are 2 that companies that owners generally seem to be very happy with:

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Check out our article on 11 proven German Shepherd Diet Tips for more on food.


This breed of dog is adorable and loyal so that they can be your best partner. The Black German Shepherd dog can be one of the best family dogs as they offer you the love you need.

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