Everything You Need to Know About The Sable German Shepherd

by David

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Sable is just another color that you will see in the German Shepherd family of dogs. Like all other German Shepherds, these dogs are also loving and loyal to their owners. Although some people say that their unique color affects their temperament because the sable color resembles the color of a Wolf, that is why some people think of this dog to be a wild beast; there is no clear evidence that can prove it. This breed of the German Shepherd dog is one of the smartest pets to keep, and it is their color that makes them look adorable and attractive.

When buying a dog, people usually see its body stance and color coat of the body. The German Shepherds’ body structure makes them stand out, and this sable color adds more to their beauty.

History of Sable German Shepherd

The sable color is among the true identities of this breed. The sable German Shepherds are from the pure breeds of this family as they have genes similar to a wolf’s ancestors. In the beginning, German Shepherds were kept to look after the flock of sheep by shepherds. All the credit for bringing Sable German Shepherds goes to Max Von Stephanitz, who was a General. He got attracted by this adorable breed of dog and started breeding them.


Sable German Shepherd recognition

The sable color among the German Shepherds is the most dominant and is recognized as the strong ideology of being a true shepherd dog. They look very much different from other GSDs, but they have the same characteristics as any other family variation. The German Shepherds’ sable coat was the first of the species, and the American Kennel Club recognizes the sable color as the breed standard.

Sable German Shepherd

Color coat

The color of a sable German Shepherd changes during the growth from a puppy to an adult. The coat on sable German Shepherds is characterized by tan patches found in their neck, tail, legs, and cheeks. When a sable German Shepherd is a puppy, it will have a black coat which will lighten gradually. When they are fully grown, their back is the only body part that remains black.


Are Sable German Shepherds rare?

Sable German Shepherds have got a unique color as far as this dog family is concerned. It means that the dominant sable color is not easy to find, so they are a rare breed. As part of the German Shepherd family, they have similar attributes just like any other GSD, but their color coat distinguishes them from others.


Nature of a Sable GSD

German Shepherds have been kept for guarding purposes for a long time. On the other hand, they have also proved themselves to be friendly dogs as well. Like any other GSD, a Sable German Shepherd possesses a friendly nature too. They are very good as pets and love to play.

Price of a sable GSD

As compared to the parent breed, a sable German Shepherd is quite expensive. The puppy of a sable GSD costs $800 to $1500 depending on breed and age quality. This breed of GSD is hard to find, and the rare color it possesses makes it more expensive.

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Keeping a Sable GSD as a pet

A sable German Shepherd is an adorable dog with a calm temperament and a friendly nature. This dog is not only a very good guard but the best pet to keep as well. You can bring this dog to your home, and this super friendly animal gets attached to your family because of its playful nature.



Generally, a sable German Shepherd looks the same as the other dogs of this family. The main difference is the color coat of their body. They have long necks and erect ears. They have a strong body having a dome-shaped head with a long muzzle.


Weight and size

Similar to a common GSD, sable German Shepherds also have a pretty large size. The males of this large breed dog can get a maximum weight of up to 95 pounds. In contrast, the females can get a maximum weight of 73 pounds. These dogs are significantly tall as males and females can get to 28 and 24 inches of height, respectively.

How long can a Sable GSD live?

The life expectancy of sable German Shepherds is 13 years. The first 3 years are from being a puppy to become an adult. When these dogs pass 3 years, they enjoy adulthood till the age of 10 years, and after that, they enter the seniority stage. A good diet and proper look-after is the key to make the lifespan of your Sable GSD healthy.



It is effortless to train a Sable German Shepherd because it belongs to an intelligent breed. German Shepherds can be a bit stubborn, so it is recommended to use positive reinforcements and reward-based techniques to have a good training session with your dog. Training your GSD at a young age will be more advantageous because the young puppies pick every lesson quickly.



Sable GSDs also need grooming just like other dogs to maintain their hair color and beauty. The unique and charming feature of a sable dog is its sable color and the charm of this dog that needs to be maintained. These dogs have a double coat that starts shedding in the spring. If the hair of your sable dog is short, brush them twice a week for grooming.


Health problems

Every living thing has to face health issues and diseases. The same is the case with a sable German Shepherd as well. The most common health issues found in German Shepherds are elbow and hip dysplasia. During this condition, their joints become very painful, and this causes lameness. Some other diseases that a GSD suffers from are nose infections, urinary tract infections, and some severe health problems such as bladder stone.

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German Shepherd Joint problems


What does a Sable GSD eat?

A sable German Shepherd needs a diet according to its large size. The natural diet of dogs is meat, but they eat vegetables and fruits as well. To keep your dog’s coat in good condition, there should be fat and protein content available in the diet. Some food that a GSD loves to eat is chicken, carrots & apples, and yogurt.

When it comes to what food to buy for your German Shepherd, it can be tough to choose.

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Make sure to check out our article on 11 Proven German Shepherd Diet Tips.



German Shepherds are available in different colors, but people are crazier about having a Sable GSD. These dogs are loving, playful, and safe to keep with your family

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