German Shepherd Puppies: Ultimate Buyers Guide

by David
German Shepherd Puppies

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It’s always an exciting moment to add a new dog to your family! There are several things you should know when buying German shepherd puppies. This article lists all these details; read on to find out more!

Generally, people think that buying German shepherd puppies doesn’t entail many things, but it really does! It’s not all about visiting a pet store and picking a cute dog. There are many things involved in buying any dog breed.

As you buy a new German shepherd puppy, you should choose ethical breeders. In short, you should first analyze and list all the traits you expect from your dog.

You should also weed out all the existing breeders to differentiate scammers from the genuine ones. You should also ask proper questions as you analyze the breeders, and the main consideration should be your finances.

Here’s all you need to know before buying German Shepherd Puppies

Like human beings do background checks while buying clothes, there are many things worth knowing as you buy German shepherd puppies. The main thing to know is the exceptional characteristics and the origins of the dog. These will help you know why you should opt for a certain breed, and you can also get some inspiration.

You should beware of the history of this breed before asking for the price of German shepherd puppies. These dogs are an intelligent breed that came to be in the latter days of the nineteenth century. There was a captain in the German Calvary commonly known as Stephanitz. The captain searched for the right herding dogs in northern and central Germany for a long time. Eventually, he found the breed that suits his life work along with other things.

After a short time, this breed started gaining fame across the United States, and this popularity was associated with a German shepherd movie star called Rin tin. There were some sentiments around this time; hence some people turned against the breed but again, people are different, so you don’t expect the same positive views about a certain breed.

Up to date, several British people call German shepherd dogs Alsatians after that episode of the sentiments. From then, German shepherd dogs gained popularity due to their herding skills and their level of intelligence.

Here are the traits to look out for before asking for the price of German shepherd puppies

  • Firstly, these dogs perform excellently due to their courage, endurance, and aptitude.
  • They are strong both in mind and body; hence they are highly valued in the communities. They serve the military, police forces, and they make the best guard dogs.
  • They are an energetic breed and quick learners; hence they are called happy dogs. Due to their energy, they are always at their best when performing tasks. These dogs need a lot of energy due to vigorous exercise; hence, you should beware of these traits as the owner. It takes time and patience to train this breed of dogs!
  • The breed gives back love equally. Hence they reward owners with boundless love, loyalty, and affection. As the owner, you should give this breed maximum care and show it affection.
  • Before buying a German shepherd dog, you should understand all these dogs’ traits and roles as guide dogs, police dogs, etc.

Buying German shepherd puppies from ethical breeders

You may be wondering who an ethical breeder is? Well, ethical breeders are knowledgeable people about the breed, they can efficiently answer all your questions about the breed, and they are active in German shepherd groups. These breeders produce dogs for for-profit purposes regarding the well-being and the health of dogs.

If you buy your dog from unethical breeders, you will incur extra costs because these sellers’ motivation is usually money. They also sweet-talk the sellers through exaggerated or untrue language to convince them when buying.

The problem with unethical breeders is that they sell their dogs cheaply and get addictive buying from them. Buyers don’t get value for money after buying from unethical breeders.

Once you start getting used to buying unethical products, whether it’s edibles, pets, etc., they can be hazardous. The breeders find it hard to quit such toxic behaviors, and that’s how they continue with these harmful practices.

Here are some signs of ethical breeders

When you are looking for the best puppies in the market, you should vet the breeders. Knowing what to look for while vetting these breeders is very important.  These are the signs to look out for:

  • Ethical breeders value their puppy’s health; hence, they take them to licensed vets before selling these German shepherd puppies. You should enquire if the dog has been given shots or if deworming has already been done. When asking for the Price of German Shepherd Puppies, you need to know if the dog has been vaccinated, or these costs will also be incurred later. It can be unpleasant when you buy a pet to get home and find out its maintenance cost is higher than what you expected.
  • Ethical breeders ensure that their puppies match your personality because they care that they should be in homes where they get enough care. They can go to the extent of testing the litters’ temperament to ensure it matches the prospect’s personality.
  • Ethical breeders are careful while choosing their dogs’ parents; hence they are sure your dogs’ health will not be compromised. Some genetic traits can cause illnesses to puppies, but ethical breeders ensure that your dog is free from all these health issues. To avoid genetic disorders, you should know every underlying health issue in your dog.
  • Ethical breeders will ask owners to sign contracts while buying dogs; hence they get health guarantees etc. The contract has many clauses, and it allows owners to take the dog back to the breeder in case of any issues.

It’s Important You Get This Right

  • All ethical breeders are well informed because they are lifelong learners. That’s how they know a lot about the genetic problems in the puppies, the diseases these dogs are prone to, and they updated with the latest treatments. Some dog sicknesses are inherited; hence you should watch out for your dog’s traits in advance.
  • Ethical breeders give the buyers health documents about the dogs. They will have conducted prior dog screening before selling; hence these documents will have a letter with a report from vet radiologists. It may also have reports from orthopedic animal foundations, PennHIP, and dogs club reports.
  • The ethical breeders will also issue buyers with registration papers of all the kennel clubs for the dogs. Incase a breeder doesn’t give you these papers, you should see that as a red flag and wonder if the breeder is really ethical. You cannot go without trusting every breeder in the market. Nowadays, there are many scammers in the market; hence you should be very cautious.
  • They also issue buyers with certification, which shows where the dogs came from, their sire parents, etc.
  • Ethical breeders give the buyer an eating schedule for the puppies indicating the time and amount to feed them. They also indicate the type of food to give the dog, and with this schedule, your dog will enjoy uninterrupted meals.

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Here are signs of unethical breeders

    • Most unethical breeders are usually ignorant, especially when the buyers start asking questions about the puppies. They behave this way because they are misinformed, and in most cases, they have little details about a puppy’s history or its ailments. They are ignorant of these puppies’ genetic traits, which may cause defects or ailments to the dogs. That’s risky because if you buy your German shepherd puppies from such a breeder, you may get sick and probably die or pass these genetic traits to other dogs.
    • The unethical breeders are uninvolved, and they aren’t members of any dog associations or dog clubs. They aren’t active in canine sports, and when you notice a breeder who isn’t involved in any of the dogs’ activities, he isn’t probably interested in the dog itself. You should avoid buying your dog from such breeders for the sake of your dog’s habits.

Ask Plenty of Questions

    • Unethical breeders aren’t well prepared; hence these German shepherd puppies will not be vaccinated or dewormed. These breeders probably don’t have the SV reports, OFA or PennHIP.
    • Unethical breeders are evasive; hence the breeders may not let you see the puppies as soon as you request seeing them. They also say you can’t visit the kennels, yet you will have to wait for a while before seeing the puppy you want to buy.
    • Unethical breeders will not show interest in the buyers’ questions, but the ethical ones answer the buyers’ queries appropriately and ask them questions. The breeder should be interested in the buyers’ lifestyle, family, homestead etc, to know the puppy’s destination and whether it will be safe enough. If you notice a disinterested breeder, just know that they aren’t interested in knowing anything about you, and they don’t care about the puppy. These breeders are only after the money.
    • As soon as you notice such traits, you should weed out such breeders during your vetting process.

Here are some ads you should beware of as you ask for the price of German shepherd puppies

Ads citing the registration to kennel clubs as bonuses. These are signs of scams because reputable and ethical breeders normally have an automatic application for registered puppies. The ads with breeders boasting about such registrations may be scams; hence you should beware to avoid getting scammed.

Some ads which use superlative phrases may be red flags; hence you should be very cautious. Ethical breeders don’t brag about their dogs’ health, like dogs’ size, etc. It’s advisable to stay away from such ads on breeders of German shepherd puppies.

Some ads may have the breeders citing that you can meet the German shepherd sire parents, which is also a red flag. There is a low possibility for ethical breeders to have the perfect sire parents for German shepherd dogs in their kennels. If they say that one parent is in the kennel, it makes sense, but both parents can’t be available altogether.

Despite all these, there may be some breeders with genuine ads out there; hence it’s advisable to check out all these factors before contacting a breeder. If there are no alarming details in the ads, the breeder can be genuine; hence you can buy them.

How will I find ethical breeders for German shepherd puppies?

Looking for the best breeders before asking the price of German shepherd puppies is essential, and as described earlier, you have seen the dos and don’ts of choosing a breeder.

Here are the basic tips:

Firstly, you should start with who you know and reach out to the trusted breeders after you’ve vetted them out. You can start with your network or community members, talk to them, and learn advice from them. That’s how you can get helpful tips from the people who own these dogs.

Secondly, you can talk to your vet because they have met many pet owners. If you get advice from veterinarians, you can get recommendations from reputable sources.  Vets have trusted sources, and they can direct you to the ethical breeders in your neighborhood.

Thirdly, you can go to a dog show, and here you will meet several breeders who raise purebred German shepherd puppies. All dogs in a dog show have several odds that make them stand out and be exceptional; hence owners should take great care of the dog. These dogs are commonly judged as the best dogs, and that’s why they are in dog shows. That’s how you know the dogs are from ethical breeders!

The best thing about these dogs is how you get to see the breeders interacting with each other, and you learn how they handle their dogs.

Online Resources

Lastly, you can also use online resources to learn about ethical German shepherd puppies breeders. There are some recommendable websites where you can learn about breeders;

  • There is a weltunion der Verein website in German for German shepherd called WUSV. On this website, you can learn about the German shepherd breeder, and the page has an option of translating the language to English for your ease of interpretation.
  • Another site with a list of commendable breeders is the valor K9 Academy. Through this, you can check out a list of all the recommended breeders in the community.
  • There is also the American Kennel Club or AKC, which had a list of merit breeders. That site has all the breeders known for dedication and exceptional care tips for their German shepherd puppies.

Here are some sites you shouldn’t visit when looking for ethical breeders:

Avoid Craiglist because most German shepherd puppies on the site are puppy mills, and you shouldn’t use your money to support such things.

You should also avoid pets from pet stores because they are mostly puppy mills too. Hence they may have gone through mistreatment, and they suffer from mental trauma. Most of these pets have health issues due to the suffering they face when they are puppies.

You should also avoid sites that offer to ship the dog cheaply to your destination. In businesses, you should always keep in mind that cheap is expensive. It’s always a red flag when you see a cheap thing in the market. As much as some ethical breeders don’t lie about their cheap shipments, you should be very careful.

Here’s what you should ask a breeder before buying German shepherd puppies

After vetting all the breeders and getting the best ethical breeder, you should move to the next step. The second step is usually knowing your breeder well, and this way, you will choose the perfect puppy.

The first question you should ask a breeder is; is this German shepherd puppy tested? Many ethical breeders will vaccinate and deworm their pets early. They also screen all the German shepherd puppies for hip dysplasia, and you can get a report on these diagnoses.

Don’t trust any breeder who tells you there is no need to screen the pet because their sire parents didn’t suffer from any of these illnesses.  Offsprings of these healthy parents may have low chances of suffering from certain Illnesses, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t immunize the dogs.

The second question can be about the number of shots given to the German shepherd puppies. It’s important to know the vaccinations your dog had received, and you should find out if it’s dewormed. You need to know this before going home with your puppy because certain vaccines are necessary for dogs before turning a specific age.

The common vaccines necessary in dogs include;

  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper/Bordetella
  • Adenovirus/hepatitis at the age of ten weeks
  • parvovirus
  • parainfluenza
  • Lyme Disease
  • Influenza
  • Bordetella
  • Leptospirosis
  • The rabies vaccine is also necessary at eight weeks

The third question to ask the breeder is how they have been rearing the German shepherd puppies.

During the first weeks of the puppy, it’s vital to socialize it well in the first weeks. You should ask about all the things that have been introduced to the pet, whether it’s walks, meals, etc. Generally, exposing a pet to all these different things gives it confidence, and that’s why you should know how your puppy has been brought up.

You will avoid separation anxiety among other behaviors in your dog after buying. There are some instances where you buy a pet, and it runs off at night and goes back to the owner. To avoid such instances, you should ask everything about the dog’s previous home and make it feel comfortable as it was back at its original kennel.

Ask about the German shepherd puppies’ ancestry. An ethical breeder should know all the details of the puppies’ bloodline, the ancestors, sire, and other inherited traits. Knowing this information is vital because that’s how you’ll get to know if you should choose the puppy.

Here are some questions to expect from the German shepherd puppies breeder

The role of ethical breeders is to match the right puppies with the right buyers. If it feels like she/ he is interviewing you, that’s a good thing because it means the breeder is ethical.

The first question you should expect from a breeder is whether you rent or own a house. The main reason they ask this question is that many landlords may restrict dogs in their compounds. These questions may be to measure your ethics and weigh if the dog will fit in your surroundings.

Some rental apartments may not be convenient for dogs due to their designs, rules, or the environment. With that in mind, you should not be surprised if some of these questions pop up! Some breeders may also go to the extent of asking for your landlords’ contact information. Mostly they allow you to take the pet home after the landlord agrees that pets are allowed in the apartments.

The second question will be whether you have owned a German shepherd before. This question is common because dog breeds may be distinct, just like their appearances. These questions need honest answers, and this will help your breeder give you the appropriate advice accordingly.

Training & Exercise

The other common question is if you are familiar with dog exercises. Breeders expect the buyers to take the dogs for daily walks to exercise the dog. That’s why you should have a plan or schedule for exercising your dog.

The breeder will also ask if you’ve ever trained any other German shepherd dogs. These dogs are known to be intelligent and easily trainable; hence their training needs are manageable. That’s why breeders ask this question to understand if the dog will have a hard time in your house.

The other common question is whether you have any other pets in your house. Once the breeder gets the idea of your house set up, pets, etc., they can easily predict the dog’s adaptability to the new environments. Owning other pets isn’t a bad thing hence you should be honest with the breeder to get tips on how the dog will relate to the other pets.

Make sure you check out our post on German Shepherd Training: The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Need to Know for more information on German Shepherd Training.

The breeder will also ask you if you have any kids. This question is commonly followed by how old your kids are. The main reason why this question is asked is that younger kids need training on how to relate with such pets.  Generally, German shepherd puppies are great pets hence kids need to learn a few commands to tame the dogs’ behavior.

The other question will be whether your dog will live in your house or a kennel in the yard. Many breeders ask this question because this breed is energetic and it exercises a lot.

The breeder may also want to know the type of job or work you do. Sustaining German shepherd dogs needs financial capacity, and the breeder will want to see whether you are capable of taking care of your puppy.

Here are the traits to look for in German shepherd puppies

When asking for the price of German shepherd puppies, you should know that their characteristics count! Choose a dog with admirable traits, and here are some of the characteristics you would want in your German shepherd puppy.

  • Affection
  • Curiosity
  • Fearlessness
  • Extroversion

Avoid puppies with these traits;

  • Sickliness
  • Introversion
  • Fearfulness

Puppies with introverted characteristics are a sign that they haven’t been socializing well at their young ages.

The total cost of buying German shepherd puppies

The main considerations in a puppy’s price are the breeder’s location and whether the breeder is ethical. Remember cheap is expensive; hence you should avoid cheap breeders, as explained earlier.

Most German shepherd puppies have a price range of $3,000-$4,000. You may find others at a lower price of $500-$1,000. Generally, these prices aren’t standard, and they mostly depend on the breeder and their planned finances. Maintaining these puppies isn’t cheap either, so they range the prices on their costs while rearing the pup.

Delivery Fees

If your puppy is delivered to your house, there will be some shipping costs or delivery fees.

All in all, these dogs are exceptional breeds; hence they are considered to be a lifetime investment; with love, affection, and commitment, your dog will be all set. Grow your pet well and invest financially in the dogs’ food, etc. The total cost of purchasing a German shepherd puppy will purely depend on the pedigree of the puppy.

You will notice there is a significant range of price differences while buying German shepherds. For instance, a German Shepherd’s price in a shelter will vary from that of a pet acquired from a breeder.

People think that adopting a puppy from a shelter will get inferior breeds, but that’s not true. If you consider checking out the reviews on all the pets in shelters, you will realize several quality breeds from shelters.

The main reason why many dogs are expensive is that there are some fees included like;

  • Rabies vaccinations
  • Microchips
  • Deworming costs
  • Bugs treatment
  • Spraying
  • Heartworm tests

In addition to the adoption fees, these costs make it expensive to acquire a German shepherd dog. The price tags in shelters can scare you away at times, but that’s the most economical option.

The downside of adopting puppies from shelters is the effort and time needed to find a puppy that matches your expectations. To adopt these dogs, you should be a persistent and diligent person.

Why it’s recommendable to buy from breeders

It’s easier to buy a German shepherd puppy from breeders as long as the dog is raised ethically. It’s expensive to buy from breeders because there are several costs involved, especially when conducting pre-breeding health checks.  The other pure breeds may be quite cheaper, like chihuahuas, but German shepherds will always be expensive due to their maintenance cost.

The first year of German shepherd ownership is also challenging because there are several costs involved. The money varies because there are several factors to consider in a dog’s financial commitment.

Here are some costs you may incur during the first year of raising your German shepherd puppies

    • The first costs are incurred when purchasing the puppy, and these costs will vary if it’s from a breeder or a shelter. The cost may exceed depending on the maintenance given by the breeder.
    • The second costs are mostly on dog food, especially the brand of food for your dog. These feeds have various brands, and the prices vary depending on the quality of the dog food. For instance, dry fog freed is a bit cheaper, but this depends on your seller.
    • The third cost incurred will be on grooming your puppy. The dog will need professional grooming at a young age, and some basic grooming activities include nail trimming. You should trim your dog’s nails and buy expensive shampoos to clean up your dog’s fur/ coat. Check out our post on 7 Simple Steps For German Shepherd Grooming to learn more about grooming in general.
    • Training German shepherd puppies also has some costs involved because you will need to pay the trainers. There are many trainers in the market, and they charge differently, so you have to do the vetting.
    • Dogs need treats and toys, especially during the training process. All these have to be bought, and they aren’t cheap either. You will always be tempted to buy toys for your dog if you really love them; hence you should be prepared for these costs.

Buying A GSD Is Not Cheap!

    • You will incur some costs when buying a crate for your dog, and you should buy a large one incase your dog increases in size as it grows.
    • You will also incur the costs of taking your puppy for regular checks and vaccinations. All these fees all together will make it expensive to have your dog in good health.
    • You will need to buy some preventative medicine for your dog, especially for prevention against bugs like ticks. Many dogs get infested by ticks and fleas, which may cause death in serious instances of infestation. That’s why you should be prepared early and prevent your dog from suffering from these infestations.
    • The time you will invest in raising your German shepherd puppies will be worth a lot of money. Remember that time is money; hence you should be ready to devote many hours to your dogs’ needs. You will need to take your dog for vacations and swims that you will have to pay for, and that’s extra costs. Owning a German shepherd dog isn’t a cheap thing hence you should be prepared for all these costs.
    • German shepherd dogs need regular exercises, and there are costs involved in these exercises.
    • Sometimes you will have to pay a trainer to take your dog for exercises, especially if you are a busy person. All these costs altogether are what you should be ready to accept.
    • Start them on a regular joint protection supplement regime from around 6 months, this will cost you a bit but you can significantly increase their resistance to hip & joint problems if you do this early. Check out K9 SuperHeroes Maximum Joint Protection Supplement for German Shepherds here. 
    • It is critical that you buy high-quality dog food. Poor nutrition is the 2nd biggest factor in your German Shepherds health after their genetics. It’s going to cost you more but don’t be that owner who feeds them cheap kibble, it’s not fair. Check out either who makes tailor-made food specifically for German Shepherds and delivers it to your dog or check out the ever-popular Royal Canin for German Shepherds.

Dog DNA Test Are Vital

One of the most important factors that are often overlooked is buying a DNA test for your dog.

These will allow you to see what potential hereditary conditions your dog is going to face in their life. This is a benefit to you because you can get on top of these problems early before they start to appear in your dog, giving them a better chance of a longer, healthier life.

They are a must-have for buyers of all German Shepherds. The most popular are made by

As an owner are you worried about German Shepherd joint & hip problems? If so, get our FREE guide called ‘The Experts Guide to Avoiding Joint Problems in German Shepherds’ Here.

German Shepherd Joint problems



All these buying costs, owning and maintaining a German shepherd dog shouldn’t scare you from getting the puppy of your dreams. You can manage to have your puppy and keep in mind that a happy dog is the best dog!

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