How To Stop German Shepherd Joint Problems

by David
stop german-shepherd joint problems

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Hello German Shepherd lovers, my name is David, and welcome to K9 SuperHeroes. Today we are looking at how to stop German Shepherd Joint problems.

We want to make sure our dog is living comfortably and free from pain but at the same time, it can be difficult to know what daily activities are causing detriment to our dog.

Simple Changes

Here some are simple changes you can make around the house that will help reduce the development of joint problems in your German Shepherd by reducing Impact on Hard floors and Irregularly Hip Movement on Slippery Surfaces.

For those that don’t know, the constant impact on hard surfaces and irregular movement of the hip joint when your dog is slipping around the house will be a contributor to hip dysplasia & other joint problems over a long period of time.

When your dog is slipping around on a wooden or tiled surface their ball and socket joint will move in an irregular position.

You can stop this by making sure you have plenty of rugs stationed across the house so they aren’t slipping around and especially where they sleep or a position, they like to sit on a lot of the time o when they stand and run when called they aren’t slipping around.

Another factor is your GSD jumping up and down from high places, this causes an impact on their joints & hips.

Try to stop them from jumping up on your bed and couches, so they can’t jump off. The same goes for if you take them for a walk and they are in the back of your car, try and carry them off and place them gently on the floor can instead of jumping.

Another contributor of joint impact is your dog running down the stairs, in an ideal world, you’ll want to stop them from going up and downstairs altogether although if they are in this habit already, it could be tough to break so I suggest getting a stairgate in place to stop them.

Another factor is how they sleep.

If your GSD is sleeping on an old hard bed, or on the floor, this will result in pressure on their hips & joints.

The best thing to do is invest in an orthopedic bed, as this will soften their joints into a more natural sleeping position and improve blood flow.

When it comes to joint and hip problems. It’s a multitude of things that make the difference in the fight against them.

These are the simple changes that may seem small but can make a big difference over a period of time, and are not necessarily things we think have an impact on our dogs.

But once combined with the right supplementation regime, nutrition, exercise, and training techniques will all work together to keep our German Shepherd’s hips & joints healthy.

On the subject of joint supplements, check out K9 SuperHeroes – Maximum Joint Protection Supplement for German Shepherds here.

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I hope you can make these simple changes around the house.

What I want to know is, what technique do you use to help fight against hip & joint problems in your GSD?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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